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What are the different types of Hazardous lighting?

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What are the different types of Hazardous lighting?

Hazardous environments require specialist lighting that has been precision-designed to be robust, resilient and durable.

Hazardous lighting is specialist lighting manufactured specifically to operate in extreme environments. Typical examples of hazardous environments include process engineering plants, chemical and power generation plants, oil and gas rigs, paint and paper production sites, petrol stations and fuel transportation. There are some specialist Hazardous lighting manufacturers certified to produce high standard products for these specific environments across the globe, for example Sammode.

ATEX and IECE are the 2 main certifications needed along with these products which help to define atmosphere groups, dependant on the type and presence of gases and dust. Read more about this here.

But what are the different types of hazardous lighting?

1. Hazardous Food manufacturing/ environments

This lighting is specifically manufactured to comply with food safety preparation standards. Food environment lighting must meet hygiene requirements and count towards HACCP and IFS/BRC standards for food hygiene conformity, a key example of this is the Sammode Fresnel.

2. Hazardous Extreme Temperatures

Specific lighting needs to be manufactured to ensure it withstands extreme temperatures such as pharmaceutical fridges that can be as low as -40c or industrial environments that can go up to 70°C. Specialist LED tube lights with a high-resistance glass shade have been designed for particularly corrosive or abrasive industrial atmospheres.

3. Hazardous Harsh environments

LED lighting designed for particularly corrosive or abrasive industrial environments such as the Sammode Leslie which is durable and easy to maintain and can operate in -20°C to +70°C temperatures.

4. Hazardous Explosion environments

Conforms to ATEX / IECEx IEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-7, IEC 60079-18, IEC 60079-31 standards. Top impermeability and durability as per IP68-IP69K. Materials offer high chemical and mechanical resistance, click here for the best example from Sammode. Very highly reliable electronics with a very long service life.

5. Hazardous Emergency environments

Self-contained emergency luminaires are used in hazardous environments, such as the Sammode Maxwell.

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