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Our highly robust products are specifically designed for use in industrial environments where there is greater risk of contamination and combustion. The ATEX approved luminaires offer various levels of protection against gases, vapours, dusts and high temperatures, with IP Ratings from IP65 to IP68/69K.

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UK Distributor of the Sammode, Petrel and Hazlite range of Hazardous Area Lighting.

Defining potentially explosive atmospheres

Potentially explosive atmospheres arise when air, under normal atmospheric conditions, mixes with dusts, vapors or gases that are likely to ignite or explode, spreading to the entire unburned mixture.

Hazardous zones

Areas in which potentially explosive atmospheres may arise are classified into zones based on their likelihood and persistence. It is ultimately the employers responsibility to ensure that the classification of the site is performed before suitable products, including light fittings, are installed at the premises.

Explosive Areas

Food Processing & Agriculture

Marine & Harsh Environments


Extreme Temperatures


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