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S9 Linear LED

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Mini S9 Linear LED Luminaire

Highly efficient Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 22 LED Luminaire

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High efficiency LED luminaire suitable for zone 1 hazardous area applications in both standard and emergency formats and a range of sizes from 2-5ft with light output up to 5,265 Lumens.

Manufactured from heavy duty aluminium extrusion with polycarbonate end caps and diffuser. The three hour duration emergency models are fitted with integral batteries and charger units. Access to gear tray is via a single point locking mechanism and mounting is enabled using “quick fit” T bolts in a channel for maximum flexibility. The modern styling of this extremely rigid and robust luminaire allows unobtrusive use for both internal and external applications.

  • Low maintenance high efficiency LED light source
  • Standard and emergency variants
  • Class leading light output
  • Variable mounting centres
  • 2’ 4’ and 5’ versions
  • Captive diffuser with isolation switch for safe installation and maintenance
  • Anodised corrosion resistant aluminium body with high impact polycarbonate diffuser



Size A / mm B / mm
2 760 450
4 1365 1055
5 1665 1355

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CODE Description Light Output (Lm) Power Consumption (W) Size (mm)
S921604K LED 2100 Linear Luminaire 2,106 30 760
S942124K LED 4200 Linear Luminaire 4,212 60 1,365
S952154K LED 5200 Linear Luminaire 5,265 75 1,665
S921694KEM LED 2100 Emergency Luminaire 2,106 30 760
S942124KEM LED 4200 Emergency Luminaire 4,212 60 1,365
S952154KEM LED 5200 Emergency Luminaire 5,265 75 1,665
Code S921604K
Description LED 2100 Linear Luminaire
Light Output (Lm) 2,106
Power Consumption (W) 30
Size (mm) 760
Code S942124K
Description LED 4200 Linear Luminaire
Light Output (Lm) 4,212
Power Consumption (W) 60
Size (mm) 1,365
Code S952154K
Description LED 5200 Linear Luminaire
Light Output (Lm) 5,265
Power Consumption (W) 75
Size (mm) 1,665
Code S921694KEM
Description LED 2100 Emergency Luminaire

Lumen Output (Lm)

Power Consumption (W) 30
Size (mm) 760
Code S942124KEM
Description LED 4200 Emergency Luminaire
Light Output (Lm) 4,212
Power Consumption (W) 60
Size (mm) 1,365
Code S952154KEM
Description LED 5200 Emergency Luminaire

Lumen Output (Lm)

Power Consumption (W) 75
Size (mm) 1,665


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