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The benefits of using Lithium-ion batteries in emergency lighting

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Why Lithium-Ion batteries are the preferred power source for LED emergency lighting

The benefits of using Lithium-ion batteries in emergency lighting

Lithium-ion batteries first emerged in the early 1990’s and have fast become the preferred solution for powering emergency lighting.

There are many reasons why Lithium-ion batteries are popular when compared to alternative technologies, with these benefits listed below:

  1. Extended warranty for peace of mind.
  2. It’s not hazardous waste and is an environmentally friendly power solution that can be recycled at the end of life.
  3. High energy density for more efficiency and improved sustainability.
  4. Ease of installation due to a lightweight and compact design.
  5. Operates at higher temperatures, making it an ideal solution for extreme environments.
  6. A durable battery with longer lasting life and reduced maintenance cycles.
Emergency Lighting

Lithium-ion batteries are common in self-contained and central battery systems, the lighting industry’s two core technologies. This is largely because they reduce the ongoing testing and maintenance costs of emergency lighting installations.

What is the difference between self-contained and central battery systems?

Self-contained emergency luminaries have built-in batteries as a power source. In the event that the mains power fails, these emergency luminaires automatically switch to battery supplies within the luminaire.

In central battery systems the power isn’t generated in every lamp like in self-contained luminaires, but rather from a central location. This central battery system supplies emergency safety and escape sign luminaires with reliable power. Because there is only one location to consider, maintenance and route testing is much easier.

This type of emergency lighting is an ideal choice for installations with longevity and low maintenance as priorities, making it common in universities, warehouses, train stations, mills, and a range of high-bay environments.

Hilclare’s solution

Selected Hilclare emergency lighting solutions use Lithium-Ion batteries due to them offering both great versatility and performance. More discharge cycles result in a longer battery life, ensuring our Lithium-ion batteries come with 3-years warranty.

At Hilclare we have over 30-years’ experience supplying a wide range of high-quality, robust, and fully compliant emergency luminaires designed to meet the exacting demands of specifiers, contractors, facilities managers and end users. Hilclare’ s renowned Crompack fittings are now more sustainable and efficient with our new lithium-ion battery upgrade.

Our energy-efficient, battery technology options are suitable for a range of applications. They are also fully compliant with British standards, meeting base design guidelines and those relating to manufacturing, test and use. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, which is why over the next 12 months we will be transitioning most of our fittings to Lithium-ion.

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