What is LED retrofit?

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What is LED retrofit?

What does Retrofit mean?

To install or fit new products in or on an existing structure.

What does Retrofit mean in lighting?

In the case of lighting, most retrofits that are happening today are LED lighting retrofits. For example, taking your existing light fixtures and refitting them with new and improved energy-efficient solutions, (from florescent to LED).

Why LED lighting Retrofits? The benefits of retrofitting lights

LED retrofitting can be more cost effective in comparison to installing new lighting fixtures.

The complexity of an LED lighting retrofit can vary greatly, from screwing in a new LED light bulb to a complete rewiring and new hardware for the fixture. This being said, it is usually relatively easy to upgrade from energy saving fluorescent lighting to LED lighting, as extensive rewiring isn’t required.

It is also much less expensive than replacing the whole fixture, cutting the payback period of install, compared to that of buying new light fittings.

There are many benefits to be gained through switching to LED. Because of this, LED lights are replacing traditional lighting technology across a wide spectrum of lighting applications.

Predominantly with more advanced technology, sensors, controls, energy efficiency, biodynamic and colour scales encouraging good health, as well as better installation, design and longer lifespans.

Reduced operating costs including recurring maintenance costs and improved lighting quality are key benefits. Switching from traditional lighting solutions to LED lighting helps to reduce energy usage by 75% or more.

There are also creative business opportunities and financing options to complete an LED retrofit or conversion. Examples include partnering with Energy Savings Companies (ESCOs) or applying for government funding.

What to consider when retrofitting LED lighting in your premises

LEDs work a little differently than most traditional lighting solutions. A few things you’ll need to know when retrofitting your facilities with LEDs include the following:

  • If you are looking to keep your present fixtures (housing) then you may slightly reduce the compatible conversion options when it comes to bulbs (luminaires).
  • If you’re replacing both the light and the fixture then you’ll be able to choose from everything on the market. In either case, most LEDs are made to be compatible with standard fixtures.
  • The hardware for dimming LED lights is generally not compatible with traditional lighting solutions. You will need LED dimmers to go along with the new bulbs.

Example of retrofit benefits for exterior lighting savings:

  • 63% reduction in energy costs
  • £7,486 annual reduction in maintenance costs
  • £1,880 in rebates for converting lighting to LEDs

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