Key considerations to lighting architecture in office environments

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Key considerations to lighting architecture in office environments

We have witnessed substantial advancements in LED lighting within recent years in terms of efficacy, reliability and affordability. Due to the accelerated and continual development of technology, LED lighting is now a financially viable lighting option for commercial spaces. The highly compact nature of LED as a light source allows for a variety of aesthetics to meet the architectural design requirements of any space.

To create a successful balance between lighting and architecture in office environments there are four key considerations:


The style, look & feel of the luminaire required (Recessed, Suspended or Direct/Indirect Linear) is often dictated by architectural needs. For instance, differences in ceiling types i.e., open soffit or suspended ceilings.


The types of task carried out within office environments can vary greatly. For example, some offices are used exclusively for screen-based work, some are used for paper-based or other administrative tasks. It is, therefore, imperative that the correct lighting solution be designed and installed to ensure full compliance with the specific requirements of LG7 and BS EN12464.

Worker Wellbeing and Productivity

The correct lighting design in an office environment is essential to ensuring worker productivity, well-being and comfort. This needs to be carefully considered as poorly lit environments can result in issues with glare, eye strain, tiredness and poor performance.

This can have a negative impact on the speed and accuracy of tasks being carried out whilst simultaneously causing worker discomfort.


Energy efficiency is a key lighting objective for most office buildings. This is not only important in terms of energy savings but also is a key step in meeting sustainability and green business goals. Investment in green technologies helps to demonstrate high levels of corporate social responsibility, demonstrating an alignment with the government’s ambitious climate change targets.

Facilities and building managers face an ever-increasing pressure to ensure buildings are both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, whilst keeping maintenance costs low. It is therefore essential that lighting products are carefully selected.

Our commercial clients benefit from robust, well-designed lighting that meets company-specific needs, whilst complying with stringent planning and legislative requirements and delivering a high level of sustainability.

Smart – Safe – Sustainable

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