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What are the different types of emergency exit and safety signage?

Different types of fire exit and safety signage in commercial and industrial buildings.

Emergency lighting plays a crucial role in ensuring building safety, particularly in the event of an evacuation. It is designed to provide fast, automatic lighting in an emergency situation when the main power supply is cut, and the normal mains lighting fails.

Emergency exit/escape route signs: BS EN ISO 7010

These are the standard signs showing the way to the closest exit. They come in a variation of left, right, up, down, angles for stairwells etc.

emergency exit signage
escape route signage

Supplementary ‘This way’ signs:

For emergency exits & escape routes ‘This way’ arrows are used to support the main emergency exit signage. These can also be used for emergency equipment location (red background direction arrows) are not in contradiction with escape direction.

emergency this way signage

New generation LED emergency exit signs:

new generation LED emergency exit signs

LED emergency lighting

LED Emergency lighting is now used more and more as it is much easier to see in a building, with much longer viewing distances

LED emergency lighting
adaptive emergency lighting

Adaptive Lighting

Adaptive lighting is also on the rise as it allows you to amend the fire exist signage should there be a danger room in the building – allowing you to direct people away/ around that area.

Escape route requirements

  • All escape route signs should be adequately illuminated to ensure they are conspicuous and legible within the environment.
  • All escape route signs should be visible under power loss conditions.
  • All escape route signs are required to be observed from a distance.
  • From any point within a building it is important that people have immediate sight of an escape route. If they do not, or doubt may exist, an escape route sign or series of escape route signs is likely to be necessary.
  • An escape route sign should be positioned at every change of direction, every change of level and at any decision point within the escape route.
  • Escape route signs should be sited at 2m from the floor when positioned above doors or where suspended from the ceiling, and at 1.7m from the floor when positioned on walls. Lack of international consistency in the design and implementation of emergency exit signs is a potential problem. Shortcomings in the design or placement of exit signs have been cited as an aggravating factor in several of the examples mentioned above, including the attack on the World Trade Centre.

Hilclare emergency exit signs:


Leto is a stylish and energy efficient emergency exit light available in three variants: suspended, recessed ad surface mount.  The product comes with a set of universal legends. This high-performance exit light is suitable for various applications including commercial, industrial, retail, education, healthcare and more.

Fire exit signs:

fire exit signs

Assembly point signage:

Push door to open:

push door to open signage

When did you last check your emergency lighting?

When did you last check your emergency lighting scheme is compliant?

Is your emergency lighting in line with your local fire regulations?

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