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As a UK Manufacturer, we can offer short lead times, high quality and high service levels
across a broad range of lighting solutions by utilising emergency options, controls and sensors.


Full-service lighting schemes

At Hilclare, we are experts in the planning and design of effective and innovative lighting systems. We can offer valuable advice to help ensure the calculation and execution of your projects is accurate, energy efficient and within budget.


Energy saving plan

We have developed our Energy Saving Plan to guide clients through what could be the next step towards efficiency savings, a reduced Carbon Footprint and an increase in your marketing budget.


Retrofit designs

At Hilclare, we are experts in the planning and design of effective retrofit solutions for upgrading your existing lights to energy saving LED’s. In certain cases, there is no need to replace the whole light fittings. Our experienced designers are able to help to find the best solution for you to minimize the costs of conversion from older technologies.


Bespoke engineering

Standard or bespoke light fittings, Hilclare works with you to find the solution fit for your unique lighting requirements.

Case Study – Accident Repair Centre
Following installation, the new system achieved 1,000 lux at floor level, compared to the previous levels of 500-600. Not only that, both solutions deliver over 40% energy savings and offer a low maintenance solution for the future.

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