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A range of LED Low Bay Lights


The Varas LED low bay is one of Hilclare’s best selling products, thanks to the many high quality features of this light. The luminaire uses multiple LED strips to produce a very efficient lighting solution up to 148 Llm/W.

It is designed to be surface suspended or trunking mounted. The body is fabricated from white finished mild steel with diffuser options which include clear polycarbonate and opal PETG. The rigid construction and range of diffusers and various means of fixing make this luminaire suitable for factories, warehouses, retail areas and storage rooms.

  • Superior luminaire efficacy now 148 lm/W with clear diffuser (was 134 lm/w) and 122 lm/W with opal diffuser (was 111lm/w)
  • Low profile design
  • Integrated emergency version available
  • Sensors available
  • DALI dimming available
  • Suspension, surface and trunking mounting options
  • CRI>80
  • Colour consistency MacAdam 3 SDCM



Varas (LED) Photometry (Clear)

Distribution curve for version with clear diffuser


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Ordering Information

4000k Colour temperature

Code Weight (kg) Diffuser Watts Total Lumens Luminaire Efficacy IP Rating LED Life (hr) Warranty
110W HVA-161F4CW20-L.2 3.7 Clear 110 15922 145 IP20 >50,000hr 5 year
165W HVA-241F4CW20-L 9.7 Clear 165 24351 148 IP20 50,000hr 5 year
220W HVA-322F4CW20-L 9.7 Clear 220 32468 148 IP20 50,000hr 5 year
110W HVA-161F4FW20-L.2 3.7 Opal 110 13083 119 IP20 >50,000hr 5 year
165W HVA-241F4FW20-L 9.7 Opal 165 20136 122 IP20 50,000hr 5 year
220W HVA-322F4FW20-L 10.7 Opal 220 26848 122 IP20 50,000hr 5 year

5000K and 6500K Colour temperature available

L- indicates Chain Suspension


Fixed output, Emergency Change F4 to E4
Fixed output, Self-test Emergency Change F4 to S4
DALI, Non-emergency Change F4 to D4
DALI, Emergency Change F4 to K4
DALI, Self-test Emergency Change F4 to T4
DALI, Addressable Emergency Change F4 to R4
High Sensitivity PIR Sensor Change “-” to H
Standard Sensitivity PIR Sensor Change “-” to B
Trunking Mounting Bracket Change to T
Extended Trunking Bracket/Surface Mounting Bracket Change L to C

L indicates Chain Suspension



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