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Emergency Testing Systems

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EM Monitoring System

Scalable monitoring system for emergency lighting

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DALI emergency monitoring system, designed to be quick & simple to use, with an intuitive live system status diagnostic, giving instant reporting.

Panels can be networked together to create a building wide ecosystem which gives the ultimate control over your emergency lighting system.

The system can run either manual or automatic function and duration testing (in accordance with BS5266-1) at a convenient time and schedule to suit your day to day operations. A graphic display provides instant reporting of failures.

Reports can be viewed and downloaded via the software for detailed analysis. Reporting can also be emailed, should you be away from the site.

The system is scalable to suit applications from small/medium size buildings through to a multi site installation, where remote access is required.


  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Colour Coded Display System
  • 128 DALI devices, over two subnets
  • Integrated Network and Power Connections
  • Long-life Intergrated Battery
  • Recessed or Surface Mounted Options
  • Eternet Port for Commissioning
  • Password Protected Engineering Mode
  • Auto Power Save Mode
  • View and Print Reports



DALI Emergency Monitoring system

Touchscreen interface for test and monitoring of emergency luminaires. Automatic or manual testing schedules with fault and status reporting as per Hilclare EM Monitoring.

Hilclare Emergency Monitoring System Touchscreen Part Number: EMMONSYS


Supply voltage: 230 V

Supply frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power: 4.1 W

Screen: 4.3” resistive touch-panel 24-bit, 16 million colour LCD

Resolution: 480 x 272 pixels

Data transfer: Ethernet TCP/IP

Memory: 4-year test log

Internal battery: CR2032 lithium coin cell (replaceable)

Temperature range: 0°C to +50°C

Weight: 310g

2 x DALI loops: Maximum of 64 devices per loop

Current: 250 mA



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