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Hilclare Lighting is aiming to put you in control of lighting costs with its complete service that means customers get the very best solutions available.

With businesses becoming ever more cost conscious and energy aware, lighting is one aspect that can make a real difference to overheads – if it is designed and implemented properly. That is where the team at Hilclare come in.

We have a superb array of high quality products that are energy efficient and are perfect for use in a wide range of settings – from retail and commercial through to industrial applications. Hilclare even has special fittings that have been successfully used in more stringent environments such as the food industry.

But it is not the fitting that makes the difference – it is our holistic approach to lighting that means customers receive a tailormade package.

“Every penny counts and we are aware that end-users, particularly in the business sector, are looking into ways of cutting their energy bills,” explained Steven McMurray, Project Engineer for Northern Ireland. “Lighting is an obvious area where costs can be cut and our lighting range has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible.

“However, it is only when this is utilised with the proper controls that you really see a major difference. That is why we have developed a service that looks at each project individually to provide a tailormade solution.”

Part of this service is a free energy survey which has been approved by the Carbon Trust. This calculation looks at a variety of elements, including the environment, natural light and running times. As well as calculating the power usage, the survey also shows a solution that will cut costs and also highlight the payback period.

“We want our customers to have the complete picture and this is the perfect way to provide this,” added Stephen. “This survey has been approved by the Carbon Trust, meaning it has added credibility.

“Using this information, we can provide a solution that reacts to a customer’s needs. Finding the balance between gaining maximum light output when it is required and utilising any available natural light is essential, but also adding simple measures such as sensors that turn lights off when no-one is in the room is such a simple yet effective way to cut costs.

“But we will also provide solutions that are low-maintenance, meaning that companies can cut more than just their energy bills.”




Two Hilclare products that set the right example are the Gomera and the Santona.

With the Santona, the big talking point is that it can now be supplied with IP54 rating, thanks to the use of a clear polycarbonate diffuser and ‘Constant’ lamps which operate between +5 and +70 0C.

The luminaire is available in various T5 fluorescent wattages, three, four or six lamps, with emergency, dimming, DALI, DSI and presence control options. The luminaires are suitable for many interior industrial applications where energy efficiency is essential.

A general purpose T5 flourescent high-bay luminaire, the Gomera has been designed for direct mounting either to trunking or ceiling while it also has the capability for chain or steel wire suspension.

Designed for optimum heights of between 6-8m mounting heights, it is ideal for retail, racking, storage areas and general meetings halls. Its 100mm deep, low profile design gives an inconspicuous appearance and it is available with digital dimming, integral emergency and energy management systems.

We have developed a service that looks at each project individually to provide a tailormade solution.

Hilclare Lighting – Steven McMurray, Project Engineer for Northern Ireland

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