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What is DALI?

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What is DALI?

What does DALI stand for?

DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface.

What is DALI and how does it work?

DALI is the international standard of communication used to control lighting. It is a two-way open communication system for building lighting applications, bringing digital technology to lighting.

This system allows information to be transferred between LED drivers and ballasts, brightness sensors or motion sensors and the lighting controls user.

This system effectively “talks” to the user and allows the user to “talk” back through the use of DALI controllers. This allows information to be transferred between devices, for example fault details and diagnostics or lighting commands.

When was DALI first used?

DALI originated in Europe in the late 1990’s, founded by a European ballast company. Soon after, three additional ballast firms joined to create a standard on communication protocols used for ballasts.

This was then proposed to the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) creating  standard on communication protocols for ballasts. In 2002, DALI was then accepted as an international standard.

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