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How to make your facility operate cheaper whilst reducing your carbon footprint

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How to make your facility operate cheaper whilst reducing your carbon footprint

There are several ways you can adjust and update your facility to save your business money whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

1. Replace outdated appliances to be more energy efficient –  LED lighting

Measure, assess and keep an eye on all your appliances to ensure they are working efficiently and economically. Update your appliances if they are old and haemorrhaging energy. LED lighting are up to 80% more efficient than old fluorescent and a lot more environmentally friendly. Click here to find out more about how LEDs are better for the environment.

2. Energy audits

Get a free site audit and see how much you could save on energy bills from ensuring the site is properly sealed to ensuring your lighting work on controls.

3. Renewable energy

Just use compare.com or any other energy site and ensure you select or search for renewable energy providers. These providers buy regos in order to support renewable generation across the UK. The cannot guarantee your energy course but they at least support it as a business.

4. Promote bike to work schemes, public transport and electric car alternatives to your staff

Any of these three methods of transportation will reduce the carbon footprint of your business and highlight your environmental commitment. All will save you money over time. If you’re interested in electric vehicles why not check out our charging solutions here.

5. Recycle

As well as being a conscious recycler as a business you should also think about conscious consumption read more on our group page here.

6. Utilise green web hosting

Green web hosts are companies that take part in a variety of activities, such as using renewable energy, planting trees, or buying carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates to reduce or mitigate the environmental cost of running their servers and infrastructure.

Most green companies cost the same or less than companies running servers using fossil fuels.

7. Print less, move your marketing online

Not just saving deforestation from paper production but also avoiding the chemicals used in the process involved in producing ink and printers.

8. Work from home where you can

Reduce your carbon consumption produced when commuting by working from home as much as you can. This will also reduce congestion on roads, helping to improve air quality.

9. Email less

Surprisingly emailing too much can increase server heat and usage as well as server sizes to store information so emailing only when needed can help reduce your carbon footprint as a business. Click here to read more.

10. Offset your carbon

Support green schemes through organisations that focus on tree planting or the WLT in order to ensure you offset your carbon. This can be costly to begin but can also support conscious customers to purchase with you, as a win-win for lead conversions and carbon reduction.

The world is gradually becoming more and more eco-conscious and businesses are being more squeezed in terms of following the simple tips above you can cut thousands of pounds off your bills and make yourself more attractive to eco-conscious consumers.

For more information on the ways Hilclare can help reduce costs in your operations, contact the team.